Trainings & Workshops

Our training programs and workshops cover three main areas of life.

Mindset training, Leadership training and Communication Development programs.

Package #1

Dare To Lead

2-days Intensive training in Mental Toughness and Resilience training to discover how to become a high-performer and a world-class leader.

Learn how to thrive when faced with change and challenge.

Do you feel uninspired, tired or stuck in business or life?
Do you lack confidence to take risks?
Do you find it difficult to remain focused, calm and grounded?
Do you feel you’re not performing at your top capacity?
Do you feel you deserve more?
In this workshop we will be digging deep to fix the shaky foundations, to strength the core of your fundamental values and beliefs or just polish and renew your current life skills. Its only then that you can finally awaken the courageous, fearless and unstoppable leader within you.
Package #2

Meet Your Genius Self

Mindset Training & Life Mastery

Six months mentorship program
Are you stuck and feeling like you don’t have the success you deserve?
Do you feel you are repeating the same cycle over and over?
Do you feel powerless to change the things in your life you know need changing?
Do you wish your confidence and self-esteem was unshakable?
Do you want to advance your communication skills?
The “Meet Your Genius” mentorship program was designed specifically to help you solve the important questions “who I am?” and “who I want to become?”, break through the beliefs that keep you stuck, feeling miserable and unhappy and unmotivated. This program will connect you to your inner power, build your commitment, confidence and improves your communication skills. In this life mastery program you will learn how to control your emotion and your life and create massive success in every area of your life weather its relationship, career or wellbeing.

6 months Mentorship Program

Meet your genius self, live and lead with intention.

This course is the combination of science, Inner Power and Reprogramming your mind for success, happiness and general wellbeing.


This Program will give you instant access to the insights, tools and strategies to transform your mindset and give you greater control over your emotional states. You will become super communicator and learn skills such as public speaking, conflict resolution management and authentic persuasion. Life will get easier as you understand better the things that hold you back. You become the unstoppable version of you, absolutely you.

Create a life full of purpose, abundance and excitement takes a long time.

The reality is that with the “Meet Your Genius Self Mentorship Program” you will get massively accelerated results in transforming your negative mental and emotional states of mind to living a life you always dreamed of.

Package #3

Online Private Sessions

Feel like you are struggling?

Your emotions are controlling you and that keeping you stuck?

Confused about where to start?

Are you looking for the shortcut to a more meaningful Life/career/ relationship?

If you are not loving what you do as a career or you are feeling stuck in an unfulfilling relationship, if you don’t know what is your true calling in life, If you’re annoyed and unhappy majority of times, then this is for you.

Life without purpose, unfulfilling careers, bad relationships or lack of having a meaningful relationship, mean success, progress and happiness come way harder and ultimately means you’re nowhere near your potential. This likely explains the shockingly high rates of why people feel depression, anxiety, burnout and poor health more and more.

Online Private sessions are the shortest, fastest path to the new empowered you.

Working 1:1 with Azita goes very quickly to the core of whatever is stopping you to flourish. Within just a couple of powerful and revealing sessions of delving deep and discovery you can remove all the emotional blocks that was stopping you to love your life and will be  leaving you knowing what is your next step, feeling energized, inspired and free to make powerful decisions, massive actions and choose your next step with full confidence.

Azita takes her clients on a deep journey of self-discovery that will leave no stone unturned. The aims to get to the heart of what is their super power as well as what is limiting and holding her clients back from living their greatness to experience life with more joy, passion and energy.

Achieving clarity regarding your natural gift or genius allows you to live a more purposeful life. Focus is the secret to success, and if we look at all the successful people we admire, they invariably excel at it. Simply focus on what’s the next logical step, no frills. Enjoying the journey and being an inspiration to others is something for which we are all seeking.

The results Azita gets for her clients has a high impact on their relationships and careers.

This ends up enhancing not only the life of her clients but that of all those with whom they are in a relationship with weather its their life partner, their children, friends or work colleagues.

If you are looking for someone to hold the space with care while you go through the challenges and changes coming your way, then look no further. Azita is known for her wisdom and her compassionate personality, she knows how to ask you the right questions, those one that will make you curious and will get you unstuck. Azita also knows how to gently and lovingly pushing her clients to test and push their own limits. As such, she has a great level of success rate in getting life changing breakthroughs with her private clients. Clients often change the course and paths upon which they have embarked since they find a significant alignment with their true values and purpose.

Package #4

Corporate Workshops

We organise corporate mindset training programs during which we share our knowledge of transformational meditation and mental toughness training. The workshop boost employee productivity, resilience and team building. The proven benefits associated with the trainings we provide aim to allow employees to innovate and perform at the highest level possible within a highly competitive environment. Research in this field of mental toughness suggest %25 increase in performance when individuals improve their mindset and increase their mental toughness.

The challenge of the workplace nowadays whether they be intellectual, emotional or physical are deeply impacting workers, often negatively. Ensuring that each and every employee is better equipped to win and durably perform is a must for forward-thinking companies today.

Contact Azita for more details and an initial assessment of your requirements.

Discover life-mastery to accelerate your personal and professional growth!

Special Recharge Retreat

Do you feel you are on your way to a burn out?

Special Recharge Retreat

Do you feel powerless to change?

Do you feel stuck?

We believe that recharging your mind, body, soul will give you the energy to overcome all that is challenging you.

If you feel exhausted and overworked, stressed and frustrated, overwhelmed, and losing your ability to be productive, and that nothing works, you need to allow yourself to take a pause by joining us to live unforgettable experience. You need the time and space to change your focus and energy. You need to take control, reconnect with your inner self and let the renovation begin.

By being part of an open minded social circle will help you to become more creative and inspired to grow. Sometimes is all you need to get out of your everyday routine and leave behind the negative people and surrounding for you to start seeing and thinking differently.

You may even need to just get away and immerse yourself in a new environment that will empower you. Then take the new you back and watch as your world starts changing in amazing positive ways.

Our recharge retreats do just that. Join us in beautiful location for a full immersion experience that will leave you permanently more grounded and powerful. All that your mind needs to rebuild yourself and make you stronger.

Simply make an inquiry and we will keep you in loop for our next unforgettable experience.

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