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Now more than ever, it is time for you to shine and feel more confidant committed and more robust than ever. Learn the science of “Mental Toughness” during uncertain times! Attend this neuroscience-based training on how to focus your attention develop Mental Toughness and robust Resilience to deal with these unusual challenges. As an interactive session Azita, International speaker and author on the topic of resilience will share her Authentic Power Blueprint which includes the 5C’s (inspired from the work of Professor Peter Clough and AQR International). This 90-minutes webinar is packed with structured and valuable information that can impact your life instantly.

Learn how to:

  • Create massive confidence during uncertain times
  • Determine proper levels of commitment for higher probabilities of success
  • How to manage conflict resolution and advanced techniques of communication during tense times
  • Become more persuasive when others are in a state of fear
  • Manage and control your emotions (and others) to arrive quickly into a state of power and leadership
  • Navigate states and waves of the challenge as well as identifying opportunity during times of massive challenge
  • Learn the science behind a Champions Mindset and what experts have found is the behavioral patterns of winning athletes and champions so you can apply this to your life right now!
  • and Much Much more!

Also, every attendee will receive a gift valued at over $100 when they attend the presentation. Get registered to our next workshop (dates to be released) and get a great discount. Learn how the science of Mental Toughness will impact your life in a massively positive way and give you tools to use for the rest of your life during complex situations. FYI: The session will be highly interactive, fun and engaging :slightly_smiling_face:. Be ready to engage, learn and contribute to the community! This webinar is heavily discounted to contribute to our community and be sensitive to the global situation. Take advantage of the situation and take control of your life now! Thank you Azita


The important of understanding Cross cultural perspective on Resilience and vulnerability to increase performance

Turning strain into strength: developing intercultural
resilience in time of adversity

How to train your brain to build resilience

How to develop superhuman characteristic


The positive impact of meditation and mindfulness on everyday life

How to reduce stress, improve attention and increase memories

How we can harness the power of our mind by addressing the function of reactive mind vs non-reactive mind.

How to become mindful leaders to boost performance by practising positive mindfulness and experience long lasting happiness.


Mental toughness; improving performance and well-being

What is mental toughness

How to develop mental toughness

How to achieve success through mental toughness

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