Azita Abdollahian
Azita Abdollahian

Unlock your destiny to become Invincible!

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Azita’s courage and commitment to helping others has been recognised and awarded by

Mayoral Commendation Award for Citizen of the year
Western Sydney University Women of the West Award: Business Category
Regional Woman of the Year Award
Hi! I’m Azita and I believe in the power of mind, science and love . My mission is to inspire you to make positive changes in your life, to love more, and to accept that happiness and success begins with yourself and changing your mindset. Life is better than great and it’s yours, all for you, so show up everyday and make the choice to do what you love most and be absolutely you!

Unlock your destiny to become Invincible!

Join Azita, author, award-winner and founder of Azita Academy, to learn the secrets of sports champions mindsets and how to develop mental toughness and resiliency to prevail, flourish, and become absolutely you.
Do you want to learn and become invincible?

“The process of rising strong is to become Absolutely You by finding what makes you truly unique.”

Azita accepting her award from the Western Sydney University Women of the West Award: Business Category
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Azita surmounted hardship and adversity to become an author, achieve personal and professional fulfillment, and above all, find happiness. Her secret was developing a strong and focused mindset that enabled her to survive and thrive, no matter what life threw her way.
She founded Azita Academy, a personal growth academy, to share her own experience and help people through mindset training and workshops on mental toughness, resiliency and mindfulness.
To help people to create meaningful, transformational and sustainable change that will allow them to build endurance and resilience for life and become unstoppable.
For her ongoing contribution in making a difference in hundreds of lives that she has touched, Azita has received multiple awards.

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From oppressed to inspirational

Breaking Free

Discover Azita’s story and her journey to self-empowerment
Breaking Free is more than just a story of survival. It is a lesson. A reminder that our past does not define us, and that the cultural barriers that oppress us can be the very key that opens our cage. Through sharing her life and trials, Azita Abdollahian works to connect to every reader – regardless of where their story begins.

Azita and her children fled Iran in 1999. Her story is one of domestic abuse, loss, and the struggles of refugee life in Australia. Above all, however, it is a story of hope. A beautiful tale of human triumph, the power of motherhood, and the transformation of life that can happen in a single instant.

Follow Azita on her journey from post-Islamic revolution Iran, through her experiences as a woman and young mother on the streets of Turkey, and finally to the shores of Australia, where her new journey has only just begun.

Breaking Free reminds us that through even the most painful chapters of our story, we can still find freedom, love, and the bright stars that shine in our future.

Charlen Keller

“We have only had one session together but all I have to say is thank you . I came in as one and felt like another when I walked out!! I have a lot to learn and a lot to sort but I know with your help I can do it . I want to say THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH and I look forward to working with you and going on this journey .”

Francessca Fedele

“I just wanted to say THANKYOU, THANKYOU and THANKYOU Azita for helping me overcome my fear of driving over bridges. I had tried everything under the sun until Azita tried a fabulous technique on me and now I do not have anxiety attacks any more and this was just from one session! She was so calm and patient with me. I never felt pressured. She has helped me take back my control. Her presence made me feel calm and safe. If it wasn’t for her I would still be fearful of bridges and not be driving. I will be back again Thank you!”

Hamish Mehdinejad

“Seeking help from Azita was one of the best thing I ever done for my self. I not only learnt about my self a lot, I learnt how I can improve my communication with others in a way that helped my relationship greatly. Azita I can not say enough thank you for your professional advices”

Mindset trainings


“We believe that Power resides within a mindset defined by communication, connection and leadership”
Azita’s overall mission is to empower as many people as possible to become unstoppable in their personal and professional lives, by breaking free of self-imposed limitations, and writing a new contract with life on their own terms and conditions.

Our ‘Unlock Your Destiny’ and ‘Become Invincible ’training programs will take you through a combination of proprietary tools and techniques to achieve a higher level of Mental toughness and resilience and mindfulness.

The challenges we solve

Our Mindset Trainings and workshops addresses fundamental life challenges that are increasingly experienced by people nowadays, such as:
Stressed out professionally or personally.
Mentally or motionally depleted.
No clear vision of where you are or where you are heading.
Experiencing fear of change and loss.
Lack of systematic support.
Difficulties in finding your path and grow.

What we achieve together

Discover how to work with productivity and passion
Gain insights to your greater mission and life purpose
Be energized by being you and not relying on others
Focused and connected to experience balance
Understand the path to happiness, love and fulfillment
This training will also help you to:
Make more powerful decisions through mindfulness
Understand your fundamental values
Increase your mental toughness and resilience
Identify the barriers, how to overcome them and break free

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